​Is Egypt safe to visit?
Egypt is as safe as any of the European countries. The security and army personnel of Egypt work 24X7 to ensure safe and pleasant holidays. More to the point with NILE HOLIDAYS, you can enjoy Egypt to your heart’s content without stressing and worrying. Leave your stress with us and discover Egypt’s colour and mystic.
What is the weather like in Egypt? When is the best time to visit?
Egypt has an overall mild climate, with the best time to visit being between October and May. For information on weather in Egypt, please visit our Weather and Climate section.
Do we need travel insurances?
Usually no. But if you have one, it helps. Also if you are having any medications, keep prescriptions during security checking. And avoid tap water and if you are not accustomed to rich foods, avoid street foods.
Are children required to apply for Egypt Visa?
Children can apply for visa even if they are included on their parent’s passport to avoid doubts. And must in case of, they are of 16 years or older.
What happens if you overstay your Egyptian Visa?
If you have stayed a few days, you may not be asked for fine but be prepared. But if it is few months, a large amount of fine will be collected before you board the plane. Sometimes, renewal is not allowed, in that case also, you may have to leave the country with fine.
Do we have to pay for Mummies room?
Normally yes. Mummies room are extra and camera are not allowed in museums. Outdoors cameras are allowed, so fill your memory cards with Egypt’s glory and colours.

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